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Lyrics to Different People
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Don't say that u care
And tell me how i should be
Cuz u kno it ain't fair
To go and try to fix me
U use to love my laugh
Now u say i'm too loud
Use to like the way i dress
Now i gotta tone it down
It's like u tryna change
Things that make me...me
But i can't help but be, be Who i be

We can't be different people
We can't be different people
U gotta love me or just leave me baby
Cuz who i am is who u are
Sometimes we won't see eye to eye
Cuz were different people
But i gotta love u or just leave u baby
Cuz who i am is who u are

U know that i care
And u know that except u
And that's why i don't share
All the things i think u should do
(something's like)
U use to make me out
Now u stay watching the game
For no reason u sent me flowers
Now it's just holidays yeah
U use to keep me guess'n
Now there's no mystery..no..no
But u can't help it babe,u be Who u be


It's who we are
It's who we are
People couldn't try to
And i shouldn't want to
I wouldn't want to change anything

It's who we are
It's who we are
I know that ur still with
Who u fell in love with
I shoudn't want to change nothing

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