Lyrics to Different Girls
Different Girls Video:
(feat. Lil Wayne)

[Chorus: x4]
Im A Flirt
Im A Pro
Im A Freak
Got A Different Girl Everyday Of The Week

[Verse: Jersey Devil]
I get it popping everyday i got a new chick
booty suzie going right with the white six
lil keshia love role play but im a beast
looking at her body thinking "boy im bout to feast"
i love women for sure that love money
make it rain in the strip club like a dummy
i aint got no game they know my story
homie roll with game and he wear a lot of jewelry
you lazy women bore me your baby mama call me
little pig fucker so they call me john coffee
see a flock of women ima run through em softly
dont know what you doing get your dirty mouth of me
i want a girl with a name like yummy!
love giving brain till her nose gets runny!
i want a sunday to monday bunny!
bring your own girl i dont care if she chubby!

I-Im A Flirt!
Im A Pro
Im A Freak
Go-Got A Different Girl Everyday Of The Week

[Verse: Weezy]
im a blood ima pro im a g
in a different world outerspace with a freak
but that dont mean neptune on the beat
cuz its new jersey devil from blackwall street
weezy f baby from young money baby
like the easter bunny baby wanted my candy
so i gave her my lollipop then she made her body pop
then that made me kinda hot
im lying that made me sauna hot
but please stop sweating me
womEn scream"get in me"
and what do i do i get in em
i put on my boot and i step in em
right left in em mr exederen head all the time
and it may sound crazy but i got head on my mind
lay it on the line or just lay on young carter!
and yea i hear you screaming but my name aint harder!
girl im nasty i do my thing and I've been calling coming like lassie

[Chorus: x4]
I-Im A Flirt
Im A Pro
Im A Freak
Got A Different Girl Everyday Of The Week

[Verse: Jersey Devil]
Im a flirt man i really dont care
I tell the women whatever they wanna hear
mamy im balling im so sincere
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