Lyrics to Die Alone
Die Alone Video:
In the end was it worth it?
Yes fucking yes I'll reply every time
But in the end it's over
I can't fool myself any longer
No happy ending not this time
Everything fell out of reach
In a moment I lost it all left here to go it alone
Walk out my life everyone else did
Don't fuck the trend it was meant to be
No regrets that's your motto
Not for me neckdeep in regret that's my life
Throw me a lifejacket to stem the rising tide
Because I'm dying all alone
You won't come back and make things right
Chip away at my heart day by day
And all I can think this was meant to be
And we were meant to be
The fucked up kids will always be alone
Drowning in regret and you won't save me
So what's the fucking point of this?
When I'll be waiting here always and forever
The fucked up kids will always be alone
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