Lyrics to Didn't Think So
Didn't Think So Video:
Never thought that it could be the one face that I'd loveNever thought that I could place that one above the otherBut his way of turning on seemed right to meAnd I think that he'll make me freeThings that he chooses to put into his mindSeem to have place his sadness behind himAnd if I have to follow it will change the way he isAnd with me his sovereignty can be lost by what I giveAnd if he mentions leaving I can do no moreTo make him stay behind an open doorThe love that he loses he will find again another wayAnd I won't be the one to tell him where he must playWhen I first met him he was glaring at meAnd I think it was black that he was wearing at the timeBut he spoke of changes and said come with meAnd I was glad to leaveI have heard so many things I never thought I'd feel beforeAnd I won't be through with him until says like a raven

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