Didn't I Say Lyrics

Tim Hutton


Lyrics to Didn't I Say
Didn't I Say Video:
Didn't I say just like it was with Ho-Chi-Minh
It makes no sense at all to just go steaming in
That's what I said

Didn't I know what a baby could have known
Didn't I tell you it would make a grown man grow
Cry and pain

Didn't I say x4

Didn't I tell you everything that's on my mind
Still I wait for you to reply in kind
Well that's just fine

Didn't I say x4

Didn't I hit nails on the head
Put all the FACS to bed
Got a light bulb forehead
And you're going to see me glowing in a world

Didn't I say you start messing me around
To counterbalance any happiness I found
Along the way

Didn't I say x8
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