Lyrics to Diction
Diction Video:
Ready Set Go, I really wanna know,
how something so beautiful could fall from the hands of
angels down to the desperate streets below.
But maybe someday or so they say, these answers will come my way and I think that love just ran by and
smacked me in the face. So I lay awake and I can't sleep and nothing compares to the company I keep.
Still no word not a peep, no hands to hold whilst I count sheep, I need a word to connect you to me, I'm hanging on so desperately. If that little word doesn't exist, would you let me down easy, like a fighter in a nose dive caught in a drive by, (sideswiped in the nick of time what's the meaning of this embrace...hard lucked what's left behind what's the meaning of this disgrace) and I remember you walked from the stolen car...outside the park that night don't let never had not to hear you speak. I need a word I'm hanging on so desperately.
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