Lyrics to Dib-Dub-Snop
Dib-Dub-Snop Video:
In the depths of forest thickets
Among the ancient firs
To the voices of the centuries gone
In the dreadful silence I hark...

"Rod - Thou art the
Father of all gods,
To thee we sing Glory again

Rod - Thou art of all gods,
The whole of the Earth
Rod - what once was
Rod - what will be forever!

Rod - gave birth to Himself
Rod - created the Earth

Glory! Glory!
Glory to our God!

Hail! Hail to thee,
Perun - the goldenhaired God!
He, who throws
The thunder-arrows
Into our enemies hosts
He who brings the faithful ones
Towards the Victory
Glory we sing to Him always -
At the feast and in the battle too.

Hail! Hail to thee,
Svarog - the celestial blacksmith!
He, the father of Universe,
He, the eternal guardian.
And when our time will come to die
He will meet us on the
Heavenly meadows"

In the fog of ghastly woods -
Songs of ancient pagan temples.
Gods of our Forefathers
Slumber there until their hour
Will come again...
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