Diamond Skull Lyrics

A. A. Bondy


Lyrics to Diamond Skull
Anger fang, severed head
Missing lovers in my bed
Fear in blue, yellow, red
Taste the rainbow

Let the monkey have a hit
Someone famous takes a shit
Oh I swallow and I spit
Do you know who killed me?

Ooh la la
Say Old Glory
Happy birthday
I seem my name
Spelled out in cocaine

Chemical corn whispering
Sentimental death machine
Nodding out, nodding in
Who is driving?

Money so loud, guru eyes
I believe that I can fly
With a belt around my neck
Where is my love?

Ooh la la
Say Old Glory
Sea to sea

Cinderella's adderall
Namaste, we will fall
Touch me baby, don't touch me
Funeral sex

Tequila zombie
The final lion
Pass the peas
Quit your crying
Too much brain
Need more ass
Amber waves was my mother

Ooh la la
Say Old Glory
Let us pray
To Jon Benet