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Lyrics to Dial Your Own Number
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I'm not what I seem
But you don't really know me
Running on your own stage
You've got to set your mind free
I always do the things I feel
Seem to question what is real
Time is running out you'll see
So come on try me

Don't let those people run your life
Let your mind decide what is wrong or right
Don't let those people try to get in your way
Stick to your guns you've got it made

Ah Ah ohhh
Dial your own number
Ah Ah ohhh

I sit alone review in my mind
And realize that life is fine
Sometimes it comes to give and take
We all know the choice you've made
I try so hard to understand
What makes you tick what makes you stand
So think about just what to do
Keep that crap inside of you
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