Lyrics to (Dial) 1800-Drama-Queen
here we go again
don't you even try to pretend
we wouldn't be better friends
if i looked like pete wentz
or my video was total request live
made my cd in a bubble
with a bunch of cute guys
or maybe i'd be scene
at your super sweet sixteen
give you the keys to your beemer
and kiss you on the cheek
everybody look at me
i'm on cable tv
now obsess about my life
and tivo then repeat

i''ve got my shot
at love with tila
but i'm not that hot
or dramatic
so i won't make good tv
i'll just live my life
oh so vicariously

Dial 1-800-Drama-Queen
you can commence hair pulling
and making a scene
keep the camera rolling
don't stop the tape
i wanna see some mascera run down your face

here we go again
don't you even try to pretend
that you have real friends
channels do provide them
don't think for yourself
let someone else do it
there's not much to it
and if there's nothing on, screw it
doody do what i do
reenact in real life
call someone on the phone
and just cry cry cry
it will be just like the small screen
but a little less fake
at least you don't have to choose
who's mom you want to date

1-800-Drama Queen

you are royalty
queen of the drama
save your tears for the mail
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