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Lyrics to Dhoom Dhoom ( Englisch)
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Dhoom dhoom come and light my fire Dhoom dhoom let me take you higher Dhoom dhoom I wanna feel that burnin? Dhoom dhoom it?s a wild emotion Dhoom dhoom passion and devotion Dhoom dhoom now the wheels are turnin? Move your body close to mine now Let me feel your love and divine now Together we?ll explode and we?ll go Boom boom boom boom Dhoom machaale dhoom machaale dhoom [4x] Dhoom dhoom I'm gonna make you sweat now Dhoom dhoom let?s get all wet now Dhoom dhoom gotta get down on it Dhoom dhoom til the early morning Dhoom dhoom until the dawning Dhoom dhoom I know that you want it Shake your body down to the ground Once you go there?s no turnin? round Tonight we gonna make the world go Boom boom boom boom Dhoom machaale dhoom machaale dhoom [4x] Dance with me, Dance with me This is my philosophy Dance with me, dance with me Oh yeah {2x] This burning inside You know you just cannot hide So don?t fight the feeling Let your body decide Where you get down on the road It?s a wild overload Ridin? higher than you ever did before Dhoom dhoom let your body do the talkin? Dhoom dhoom I wanna keep on rockin? Dhoom dhoom I want it twenty four seven Dhoom dhoom get the rhythm of the beat now Dhoom dhoom feel the fire and the heat now Dhoom dhoom take a trip to heaven I wanna feel the wind in my hair now Spread the power everywhere now Feel the magic just go zip zap zoom? Dhoom machaale Dhoom machaale dhoom machaale dhoom [4x]

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