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Lady Lust Lilith

Lyrics to Devil's Dozen
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You good lord above - these gnostic words I say to thee,
if I somehow might be wrong
You're a failure as sure as i fail to be thy depiction
As if there actually would be something hearing all words,
I ramble these words though I know it will not pay off
anyhow, just like prayers are the misleads greatest curse

By the Devil's dozen - existence must be cursed
By the Devil's dozen - I hope evolution goes reversed

I know that I to some extent can see what's above Daath but it
repulses me, and I doubt that I know at all what's the point of
it all as Kether wishes to hide behind that which shunes the
light of illumination

When I in questions in drunken haze blur,
and I fail to understand thine magick, O sir
I know that if there would be a devil as believed -
I surely would sell my soul without regret
But onfortunately every lie must die as I awake the true I

So you of good, and you of evil -
You're but the symbols of how we fail
That there would be any kind of god must be the greatest
ever told lie...
For the only god am I

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