Deux Moulins (Paris Pt. 1) Lyrics

Matt Olsson

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Lyrics to Deux Moulins (Paris Pt. 1)
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There's a fella, by the door. And he's giving me the eye. You are fifteen minutes late. I have visions of you in hog tie. He gets his coffee filled up for the fifth time. That's one more time than me. I am a prisoner to this table I am bound. And he to his as far as I can see.

Wherever you are, you are bound and gagged and hopeless no doubt. It's breaking my heart, to know that I am here and you in distress. Wherever you are, I hope that you believe that I will get you out. It's breaking my heart.

He checks his watch, for the twelfth time. That's three more times than me. He takes his coat, gives me one more glance and my blood runs cold. He sees what I see:

You are gone.
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