Lyrics to Detonator
Detonator Video:
Take this bottle detonate what's inside

Let it all out let it all out don't fight

Take this away give it away give it away (x2)

Today i seem to be a little bit purple

I'm not feeling blue, but I ain't seeing red

I shatter my heart in a song for a dog about a man with an ear that will hear in reverse

I speak of a word so absurd to believe it as truth is to let go of the earth

The louder i scream, the more the silence drowns me out


What should I say? it's like I'm playing this game again

What should I do? I know i can find the passion in you (x2)

This dog will die. This man grows old.

One day I will break the mold but for today iI continue to fight

Don't you know me? Don't you trust me? Don't you see me? Don't you fear me?

Take this bottle detonate what's inside

Let it out
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