Destruction Anthems Lyrics

I am Heresy

Thy Will

Lyrics to Destruction Anthems
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Invoke the tempest come wrath come feral lust
this is the new age of revenge
the great horned refrain the tribes of hell awake
indulge thyself oh reprobate...

destruction anthems for a new age of iron
craven image of the power inside
no god above no torment below
dark messiahs of dawn's early glow

bastard warriors!
Children of none!
bastard warriors!
we are our own gods!

destruction anthems of infernal resolve
blessed indulgence in praise of the fall
grotesque blaspheme as the song of desire
for one true purpose liberation of all

destruction anthems for abaddon entice
from blackened depths come the glorious cries
for deviation for knowledge of life true south apostles true sounds of light

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