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Lyrics to Destroy An Enemy
Destroy An Enemy Video:
If You Feel You've Got Something To Prove
Why Don?t You Try And Prove It To
'Coz You Know You'll Only End Up In A Mess
If You Try And Hold Your Fists
Up With Me
'Coz I'm An Evil Little Fucker From The L.B.U
And I Can Drown Out
An Enemy
Have You Stopped To Think What You're Fucking With?
Do You Know What
I Can .....Do

I Gave You A Chance , Now It's Gone
Fear Me
You're On Your

Nothing Can Stop Me
I'm Determined To Crush You
You Will
Regret This When There's No One To Save You
No One To Hear Your Screams
Your Body Bleeds
Breaking Your Bones
And Leaving You Cold.

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