Lyrics to Destination
Destination Video:
(Michael Mind Remix)

That right - Nicco say,
you know I say I wanna get to my Destination, I'm gonna find you there!

When I'm out on the streets of strolling
I can look on the fields of flowing
I can look from the mountainside
And see your fire still burning with me

And I know (And I know)
So I know (So I know)
I know a place where we can go
And green grass is growing

Baby I don't see you around
(Even when the light out)
But you know that my destination
Is on this road going down
'Cause I got to be with you now

[Chorus x2]

And on this road I am walking
(Let me gonna find you)
And I can feel that you're near
(Sense that are telling me)
And when I rease is my destination
I know soon you'll be right here with me


Baby I don't see you around

[Chorus 2x]

Even when the light out (x2)

(Thanks to Sombro for these lyrics)
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