Lyrics to Desperate Hearts
Desperate Hearts Video:
well ive been searchin, for a girl like you
and ive been chasin, down a dream or two
and it gets so lonely, like a dot in this bed
playin back the memories of the last words that you said

and desperate hearts, theyre alone tonight
and feelings of lonely, can kill a man inside
you once said you loved me, but now your feelin's subside
and desperate hearts, just might take my life tonight

now im on the bad side of this rundown avenue bar
im pourin out my heart and showin all your scars
i guess that its over girl, cause i guess i pushed too hard
now im out here holdin, my broken desperate heart

repeat chorus

now im out here walkin, just how far baby i dont know
im tryin to clear my mind, from the love that i dont own
i guess its over girl, cause you tore my world apart
and left me countin the pieces of my broken heart

repeat chorus

take my life tonight
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