Despair Has A Name Lyrics


Goodbye Is Forever

Lyrics to Despair Has A Name
Despair Has A Name Video:
Baby you know there's few things that can make me care,
i'm already dead, i'm wasting away,
i'm in love with my despair,
so tonight, lady hold on tight,
before i drown in an ocean of starlight,
i hope it's easy for you to see, i'm in love with you,
but sadness is in love with me,
isn't it romantic and doesn't it make you laugh?
the way that time cuts everything in half...
i lose every time i fight
you know, i love to think i'm giving up,
i love to think i'm letting go,
i'm bleeding tonight, waiting for him to carry me out,
because when apathy hides behind the shadow of doubt,
my incision becomes so delicate, and time goes by so slowly,
i know that he will save me from sadness,
is he the only one that knows me?
how can i hold on if i'm all alone?
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