Lyrics to Deserter
Deserter Video:
You made a Wrong decision Don't you have this vision To fulfil a most dangerous mission? To beat the enemey and celebrate the victory You've been a comrade once But now you're just a fuckin' deserter! I'm standing by a burning wreck Every single breath is aching And I got a fuckin deep cut in my back. My legs and arms are shaking And our solidarity is wrecked! Did you help us? No! Did you leave us? Yes! Did you stay with us? No! Did you betray us? Yes! Did you fight with us? No! No. No, no! You just left us in pain And what for? In Vain! To me it?s just cplain You can't have been sane And what did you gain? Nothing! You're just a stain, a coward, a fink! Now I can feel an attack They soon will be back Buut you are not here You just left ua in fear You saved your live For your kids and your wife And one thing is plain There is nothing to gain You do'nt waste your power For this dreadful killing And you don't waste an hour For just weapon refilling I can hear the explosions I can hear the first shootings I can hear sirens hooting I can see rockets flying I can see our friend dieing I'M THE ONE WHO MDE A WRONG DECISION! Cause I don't have a single fuckin vision (any more!) Of killing innocent people and fulfilling this mission? To beat the enemy and celebrate the victory? Huh? (nasty laugh) Cause there is nothing to celebrate When I have lost all my mates And all the solidarity is gone Just because all ou friends are dead now! So that's what I learned from you And now I'll desert , too!

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