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White sand is drifting through the air A man with blue-black fluttering hair Is walking through the desert sand Far away from his homeland He is a desert walker And no one's there to help him now Yes, he is a desert walker He's trying to live but doesn't know how Ah, ah, ah, ah -- His wife is home and he's alone And no one's for him there No telephone to call some help Since he is on his own He want't to be, he can not see As sand is in his eyes Far from his home and soon he dies And his little child cries He is a desert walker ... His wife doesn't know Where to go Or how to live She doesn't know where her man is Soon he'll be dead Suddenly a cry The son wants pie Mam is gettin' mad He is a desert Walker ... Well, how could his wife stay so alone And a little boy without his pa And a sad, mad ma Son no food, mam no food, man away How to stay alive He is a desert walker ...

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