Describable Nothing Lyrics

Ani Called Alpha

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Lyrics to Describable Nothing
If there are brake lights on this train they aren't working well.
Another hungry look like that and I'm falling for your spell.
Around the backdoor,
down the alley,
up the fire escape,
through your bedroom window.

Drop the disguise. All of our bad lies.
Let the heat rise up through your spine.

I gonna take you right now!
Right now!
We got a flame to fill the hollow world.
Can't wait no more.

I gotta have you right now
right now!
right now!
We're in a world of trouble, you & I.
ready, fall.

I believe in the fight
I want to take you
I believe in the flight,
I can taste you.

Of all the love and lives that you've haunted
painted walls in blazing art.
I'm a fool, believe me, lover.
Take my hand, let's fall apart


I believe
I believe
I bleed in tainted hearts!
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