Lyrics to Depth
Depth Video:
On my way Darkness and pain, to every men I give a chill
But on day I met a succubus, worst than me,
I fall under The spell. She ridiculed me,
Took me out of my way, just to take my place.
She succeeded in, I was nothing, me Dark Angel, I felt.
Pain...Death. Proscribed of my Life
Worst than I thought, she wanted your place
My dear Lord, I can't stand it. One day during her rest
Without your consent I killed her
I was free, again evil, a new begins for me.
Come back in Depths, Vile Lord please accept me
Come back from Hell, Lucifer here is your kingdom
Now even I know I was right
I'm afraid for my life. Oh! Lucifer forgive me
Even you can't, you won't be frustrated
I prepare your coming, Earth will soon be your kingdom
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