Lyrics to Demonic
Demonic Video:
[music and lyrics: Costea]

The castle gates are opened,
The hour now has come
And I'm waiting by your grave.
The circle is now broken,
The flames are fading out,
I feel your scent from thousand miles away.

The statues come to life,
The earth reveals the knife
And the trees are screaming what I should not do.
I try to wash with darkness
The stain of blood on my dress
And I'm begging... Take me with you.

She has a way to heal
The cruel truth of life
And time and space collide
To satisfy her will.

I breathe demonic heights
Demonic nights, demonic air.
I taste demonic sins,
Demonic winds play with my hair.

Ride with me in darkness,
Offer me your blood,
Let me guide you into
The sweet afterlife.
Ride with me in sorrow,
Ride with me in sin,
Taste the seed of life,
Laying deep within.
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