Lyrics to Demanding
For your love (Wait)
I think I could just wait for a second (For a second)
Just to show up at your door like a box full of presents (Haha)
I won't let no one touch you, I got weapons (Uh-uh)
And they won't vanish

And I just can't stand it (Why?), feelin' so stranded (I feel it)
Feelin' demandin' (I feel it), it feels like you planned it (Yeah)
Tellin' all your bandits (Hahaha), you livin' like a lieutenant (Huh)
Bitch always commandin' (Why?), fuck around with my feelings (Haha)
Dance with all my demons (Ayy) for no reason
All these hoes gon' be schemin' (Uh-huh), take your heart, break it, then leave it (Yuh)
And I don't really think they mean it