Lyrics to Delivery Man
Delivery Man Video:
I never had a stain on my shirt
I'm Pine Sol pine needle clean in the dirt
I got the works
I work the full shift full of work
Not work, work
But I shelf boxes of hotness
Don't drop it
Materials of value in those boxes
Don't box me
I'm Sugar Ray Leonard to them Boxers
Watch me not watch them
I'm like clockwork
Charles got a Flava Flav clock on his shirt
And it tick tock tick tock tick when it works
Pick mine, get twist mine, Jack it'll work
I got a smiley face have a nice day t-shirt
Mikey said you should wear it at our next concert
And... it's a poster of The Kids on the CD insert
Hands in the air even if your arms don't work
The Cool Kids banging on the speakers in your car system
Me and Mikey present: "When Fish Ride Bicycles"

Every time I kicks it raw
You know we too legit to fall
Of course you can get some more
But only if you get the door
It's the deliveryman ? but I didn't order that
It's the deliveryman ? but I didn't order that
It's the deliveryman ? but I didn't order that

Add a little change to the pocketbook
I can shake each and every hand on an octopus
In the time it takes to blink ? tick tock it took
Six seconds just to get the -ish poppin' - UH
Drop the hook
Let me drop a hint
I rhyme in tsunamis and this is just a drop of it
If you DJ you should get a drop of this
I could be talkative if I like what the topic is
If it's broke I got to fix it
If I'm not a whiz kid at it
Then I guarantee that my partner is
Show me where the socket is
I don't even need a toolbox
Give me a wrench and 15 minutes
And I'll having it kicking like you had six feet in it
I am ten-speed and my gears keep on clicking
My ears hear things that I can't even mention
Oh was that just part of the invention
I go bananas before I let the monkey throw the wrench in
Now that I got your attention
Old folks still waiting on your pension
I'm your new landlord just call me when the rent's in
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