Lyrics to Delirious
Delirious Video:
I get delirious whenever you're near
Lose all self-control, baby just can't steer
Wheels get locked in place
Stupid look on my face

It comes to makin' a pass, pretty mama
I just can't win a race

Cause I get delirious (Delirious)
Delirious (Delirious)
Delirious (Delirious)

I get delirious when you hold my hand (Delirious)
Body gets so weak I can hardly stand
My temperature's runnin' hot
Baby you got to stop

Cause if you don't I'm gonna explode
And girl I got a lot

I get delirious (Delirious) {Yeah}
Delirious (Delirious)
Delirious (Delirious)

I get delirious whenever you're near(Delirious)
Girl you gotta take control 'cause I just can't steer
You're just to much to take
I can't stop I ain't got no brakes

Girl you gotta take me for a little ride up and down
In and out and around your lake

I'm delirious (Delirious)
You, you, you get me delirious (Delirious)
Baby, lay me down
Delirious (Delirious)
The room, the room, the room is spinnin' around (Delirious)
Yeah, I'm delirios, yeah, oh I'm, oh I'm (Delirious)
Yeah, delirious, yeah (Delirious)
It's got me in repair, everybody you gotta (Delirious)
Everybody, oh Lord, oh yeah, I'm delirious (Delirious)
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (Delirious)
(Delirious) [Repeat: x6]
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