Lyrics to Deicide
Hamburger penance
Revolving sentence
Position of peril and speaking no French
The convoy is stalked
A favorite hostage
Microbes have fissured and poisoned the sausage
Headless Mary Stuart wanders along the terrace
Searching for her lover
Hunting whores in Paris
Talk to them
Watch them work
Rodent phlegm for Captain Kirk research here was incomplete
Colleagues plump with too much meat
Family meal ritual
Endangered species appeasement starved for time
Bone garden conversation
Missing think tank
Children crime
Free form fall
Point of the speech
A step from the window just out of reach
Insect goddess
Buzz the sleepfield
Take the crimson from our clothing
Metal burn
Labored breath
Your innocence is showing
War is coming to lead your children to the Nation of the Dead
Those who wait for holy kisses swallow substance from the shadow
We shall seek a short reception for the living buried dead no
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