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Lyrics to Dehumanized Horde
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Still unchanged since beginning
The birth of the ?Devil? without purpose
Only had created battlefields
Nothing makes sense in that damned religion
Fighting for land, lusting for women
Their minds still the home for barbaric thoughts
Worse than the dog they shun,
They kill for nothing

He slam the religion for mad dogs
At last, the incarnation of Shaitan
Molting heart and mating all day
He slam the religion for wild pigs

Praying everyday day towards the Great
Had not shown them any paradise
Only making them more hungrier
Than the stray dogs
They even kill their own peers
In a pretext of pro-action
They bleed for the sick
Without self control

Holding on to their holy books
Of sex, lies and violence
The life of their ideal man
An example of degenerated life
Implementing those laws
Had caused the society's downfall
These condemned morticians
Still a barbaric horde
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