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Lyrics to Defenders Of The Reich
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Walking down the street with your head held high
People know you're full of pride as you pass by
Boots and braces short cropped hair
Fuck with us if you dare
Skinheads' not a fashion, it's a way of life
A way of life living on the edge of a knife
Our flags fly high and our banners are unfurled
White power skinheads take the world!

Skinheads-defenders of the reich
Skinheads-we wage this nations fight
Skinheads-standing proud and true
Skinheads-we fight the Jew

When the reds see us commin', they cower in fear
'Cause they know their end is near
They don't stand a chance, not a chance at all
Won't be long until they fall
Fighting for our race and nation, fighting for our land
And we fight with the winning hand
A glorious battle it will be
A shining bright, White victory

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus)
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