Deepest Roots: Belief That All Is Lost Lyrics

Woods Of Ypres

Woods III: Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues

Lyrics to Deepest Roots: Belief That All Is Lost
Deepest Roots: Belief That All Is Lost Video:
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without you?
If you murdered your dreams and we buried you
The thought that was the bitter seed, the subterranean trajectory
That was thrust deep within the earth, and grew into a twisted tree

The origins of modern sadness, to obsess over life and death
While life is short and growth is slow, patience is the task at hand
While the wait for happiness, can be agony
An eternity in death, can be much more easily achieved

It's the truth in true despair, deepest roots, darkest blues
The belief that all is lost, and that nothing can be done

How sad life can be when those, who once-wanted, don't want anymore
And when those who already have it, can't see it, for what it's worth
The frustration that as soon as you think that it is all just meaningless
You are proven wrong again, when you find meaning at the end...
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