Deep Thoughts Over An Empty Bottle Lyrics

Terror By The Lake

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Lyrics to Deep Thoughts Over An Empty Bottle
Deep Thoughts Over An Empty Bottle Video:
My sincerest wishes that all of your successes leave you with nothing
Fuck you for leaving me like this, a cry for help falls upon deaf ears
I never thought that I'd be singing this song
I thought you'd turn out different but I was so fucking wrong

Hatred fills my aching head, talking myself off the ledge
Loving and losing always go hand in hand

Please tell me you remember my name
Have I run through your mind one time since I've been withering and rotting?
Please tell me my absence hurts you, please tell me SOMETHING hurts you
Forever I'll take your voice to my grave
No rest even in death

If I knew you were just going to split my heart in two
Priority one would have been fucking you

I told myself I wouldn't get drunk before noon today
I love you
Please ruin my life one more time
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