Decorate Your Pavement Lyrics

Paint By Numbers


Lyrics to Decorate Your Pavement
Decorate Your Pavement Video:
Hello beautiful I've been waiting for you
In the wrong place at the wrong time
please just stop me because
I'm not trying to give you the story of my life
And I apologize for every word I've made you listen to
This is the last time I make you suffer
And I promise that you'll never hear another word from me

(Did we pass by?)
Feel like I've seen a thousand faces
(On my way down)
But can't recall a single one
(Here's finding out)
My blood will decorate your pavement
As soon as my body hits the ground

I doubt I can live vicariously through
The sounds of my stereo consuming
and reluctant to meet my ears
The cord wrapped tight around my neck
helps forget about what's left
Just the anticipation cuts off my circulation
This is the first time that we are lovers
And this is the last time
that you'll hear another word from me

My bleeding begins you won't erase this
You're way too late
Here's finding the reason that I made this mess
It's way too late
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