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Here it is. our confrontation. to eradicate the evil. a declaration. animals claimed to vivisection everyday. used and abused then euthanized. the earth stripped clean for its prized possesions. for a brutal society filled with greed and deception. by any means neccassary.we will attack. we will fight for them because they cant fight back. these are the truths that we hold dear. lives may bew lost if you interfere. your change is crucial for our salvation. our future depends on your edification. join the side of justice. and you will be spared. to the demons of society. you will no longer be compared. declaration of war. injustice fuels the hate. your evil makes you weak. your evil is my strength. by devouring the death of the innocent to slavery you consent. straying from the natural law. you have no choice but to repent. all the sins that are destroying the earth and sentencing its creatures to die. for the senseless sadistic diet on which you rely. restricted by the ignorance of those all around. who encase their minds in toxins and drag us all to the ground. dealing out their poisons. making us blind to see. we are fighting as one team. a militant unity. this is my decree to make it well aware. against the worlds evil. it's war that I declare

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