Lyrics to Deck The Halls
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Twelve days to fall in love

Twelve days ain't enough
For us to fall in love
I'm dreaming of you day and night
Tell me baby what we didn't do right
'Cause we were kissing under the mistletoe (oh)
But lonely when we had to go
Baby twelve days, (twelve days), twelve days
Ain't enough, ain't enough to fall in love

On the first day of Christmas
I was by myself, it was only me
On the second day of Christmas
I met you downtown by the Christmas tree
On the third and fourth day of Christmas
You were on my mind
By day six I gotta admit

I wanted to give us a try (oh right)


On the seventh day of Christmas boy
I swear that we were feeling like
We were both skating on ice
Me and you, you and me
Kissing under red and green lights
By day ten, I knew then
You would soon be gone.
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