Lyrics to Deception
Deception Video:
We were sitting in this pub, talking bout our boring world, live my free time intensive, feel like a hero, come to fail in spite of it, don't wanna go to work again, be on holiday for a while, break out from this every-day-life, one week as a farmer, an other one as a ter(uuups)rorist, maybe i'm a lucky fellow in this game of chance, fullfillment of my dreams seems to be close by you!!! Complex questions, simple answers, the perfect moment to reclaim my life, i jump up onto that train of freedom, i put my food down and make a clear sweep of all,the cubes are fallen,order a new id out from a catalog! Everything is said, everything is done, still it sounds like fun, my existence decoded in an equation,i feel much too young to fix my way, well, times and feelings change really fast,friendship and wishes will survive, a test of courage to improve my life, one false word, a cheerfull thought, witch drowns it, motivation to digest some special situation ...

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