Lyrics to Deception
Deception Video:
You think you got me pinned down?
You think you know me like the back of your hand?
You think I'm that weak that I will fall into your scam?
Sell your product by exploiting woman
A sales catch for only the blind
Targeting peoples addiction
Sell a product that eats away at their mind
I don't know why you think some people are less humanA
nd you use them to make a sale
Your sexist and your racist advertisements are becoming very stale
You can't get through, you wont get through, no you'll never get through
You can't break me
Billboards sell the lie
Their bottom line is do or die
Drink up, and don't forget that your addiction is their paycheck
Glamorize the poison that theyre trying to sell
Make it seem like it's heaven but it's really fucking hell
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