December We'll Remember Lyrics

Francesca Battistelli

This Christmas

Lyrics to December We'll Remember
I hear the doorbell ringing
Everyone is coming on in
Dad's got the tree
We're loud as can be
It's Christmas time again

Filling our plates
Staying up late just talking
I don't wanna miss a second of this ain't no way

Gathered around the tree
A big ole family
Singing carols in harmony
A December we'll remember

Preacher preaches a sermon
The choir sings Silent Night
We're late getting home
So call Dominos
It's pizza by candlelight

The kids won't sleep
So Dad is up reading a story
We all listen in, we're children again it's so sweet

We're gathered around the tree
With our big ole family
Listening quietly, it's a
A December we'll remember

You know I just can't wait
I count the days
Till Christmas comes around
For the snow to fall, friends to call
Every bit, I want it all
It just takes so long

Until we're gathered around the tree
With our big ole family
I know it's gonna be a December we'll remember