Lyrics to December
December Video:
I think I have been there before
I think I have seen this before.
This all looks the same
They all look the same
They all make the same faces,
They drive the same cars
Drink the same drinks at the same old bars.
And I... I've been here before.

The clouds move in without a sound.
December snow falls and covers the ground.
It's cold just like you.
They all talk like you.
And I see the mouths moving.
But I don't hear a sound.
The pressure is pressing me into the ground
But it's numb... and this isn't real.

This bitterness is cold
This bitterness is cold
This loneliness is old.

But I can't do anything.
Go anywhere
Without you tugging my hair,
And I can't see anyone
or anything
Without you being there.

You play the game
You know it's just a game
You cut all of their red tape
Spent all of your time
Singing their songs and remembering their rhymes
But you're numb... And you're not far for real

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