Lyrics to December 25
December 25 Video:
Look at all of the lights, you can feel the air is changing
Streets are covered in white, everyone is celebrating
Like the hands of a clock, never stopped telling time
Oh, December 25

It's a wonderful life, and you can't contain the feeling
Even standing in line, seems a little more appealing
Yeah, it's like I'm in love, oh, and everything's right
Oh, December 25

This is the way, a holiday's supposed to be
Snow on the ground, love all around, and you're with me
Tonight, December 25

Warming up by the fire, as the night is slowly fading
And it all feels right, after all the time we waited
Yeah, it comes and it goes, in the blink of an eye
Oh, December 20
Oh, December 20
Oh, December 25
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