Lyrics to Deceased In Funeral
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My death was a dirty trick of the doom
Woe is me the truthful death will come soon
Asphixia, the torture has the just began,
Death is crawling, I can't move, I'm deceasing in my own funeral...

Raining in the graveyard, winds of blackstorm
People praying for my (true false death)
Bugles sound means my death warrant
Frozen blood throught my veins, but I'm still alive
Trapped among the humid boards of the cascket
Is this your sullen bad dream? (Yes) Your nightmare
Words without sense look like a plea
Impotence you feel, please help me.

Death, or life,
Rot, or purify,
Pleasure or sacrifice,
No hope, It's time to die,
Bleeding, is your heart,
Deceased in funeral.

Bellows of the creatures throught my ears
Worms devouring my stomache, (I can feel it!)
Falling deep into the madness sanity
(Catalepsy) is my own reality.

Bemocking of me, the beast of hell
You're caught in an evil spell
Last stertor thrown, my tired lungs
Tearing shout is listened, all is fading to black

Death or life.......................

(Heaven or hell), the answer will come from beyond
(Dark thoughts) avoiding the fucking hell hounds
(Face to face), death! I can see you face to face,
(Thunder squall), this is the end of my days.

Death or life..........................
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