Lyrics to Debbie
Debbie Video:
So i shook hands with you freely
made a promise not to clean the slate
and i didn't need you 'til melody
drew a line between love and hate
and i know i can be self righteous
and we both like to stretch the truth
but there's never been a song or a melody
that reminds me less of youth

hey there hey there
debbie down debbie down

And i felt my head exploding
so i left it beside the road
in the tall grass where
all the deer despair
at the thought of being stuffed in my home
and first we were antisocial
til we tried hibernating through
all the seasons where you dye your hair
in a failed attempt on blue

Said the fibber to the snake
there's an opportunist dude
watch his mouth its open wide
and he trying not to eat you

hey there hey there
debbie down debbie down
Songwriters: BIRD
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