Lyrics to Deathrace 2000
Deathrace 2000 Video:
Knuckles on the wheel is all you see
vehicular homicide ends our misery
to clear the roads we'll kill the old
use their bones to pave the road

blue haired granny is licensed to annoy
working at mc'ds doesn't make you employed
stay at home and wait to go
your kids avoid, you blue assed hoe

kill the old fucks that are in my way
its deathrace 2000, well make em pay
kill the old fucks that are in my way
ive got the skills to pay the bills
your life wont be saved

leave your wrinkly ass at home
how can you drive when you cant see
your life is nothing but pills and baths
and matlock on tv
you have the nerve to leave your house
and share the road with me
next time you fucking cut me off
ill bounce my bumper off your teeth
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