Death Of All Kinds Lyrics

I Am Hunger

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Lyrics to Death Of All Kinds
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Cure my hatered, cure my agony
Oh just belive me when I pray that I want to be.
I am the only one who craves to be free.

My observations, they make me doubt
I never thought that I was acing to come out.
Miscalculations, I lost track of everything.
Still everyday I fight a battle from within.

A symphony, rings on and on in me.
Anxiety, takes a hold of me.

I wanna feel it in my teeth and my mouth now
Throw me down to the ground like so many times before
Feed me with dirt, with soil and earth.
I am the last, Oh I wan't to be free.

Not like the last time,
I could'nt even remember when it all began and it's a shame.
To see your body collapse, your blood on the floor.
Got thrown down unable to get up again, yeah it's a shame.
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