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The Bonding

Lyrics to Death Is Not The End
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Going round in circles
another dreary day
any crumb of hope could save
an animal at bay

the prime of life has gone by
caught in no man´s land
no rosy dawn can light my day
neither family, nor friend

and in a lucid moment
it was all so very clear
the time is right
to overcome the fear

taking a stroll down on memory lane
one moment, one lifetime, we´ll meet again
cause i still believe, death is not the end
(it´s) all mortal clay, but my soul transcends

the gloomy thoughts have come back
i couldn´t find my way
what could have been, could i have seen
why led it astray ?

One day i was hoping
to set the world on fire
and looking back now in the end
left is the desire

but please enshrine the memory
and build a place for me
i´ll be there
always lean on me


for the life of me, i´ve gone my merry way
not lost beyond recall
time will pass and ease your pain
and all the good things will remain
don´t cry, i have come to rest
i´m safe back home

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