Lyrics to Dear Sister
Dear Sister Video:
My sister Mary Lee is drunk again,
She's barging in my room and bawling on my bed.
With eyes just like cups she pours just enough for the two of us,
Until it's me and Mary Lee just cursing at our luck,
Even though I don't care all that much.

The days keep getting shorter,
It's been ten months of winter,
It's been a rough year on everyone, I know.
It's just one thing after another when you truly believe nothing gets better, but I wish that you'd just let it all go.

Mary Lee is in the front yard,
She's taking off with our used car,
For once I'm not the one bidding goodbyes.
Her steering wheel's an ashtray,
Her cassette deck plays my demo tapes,
And she lends us all a cheap farewell, but I know that she means well.

You finally got away,
A cure will come in another place,
At least that's what you told me.
But your head goes along with you and with everything that you do, and if you hate it now, you'll hate it again.
Mary Lee, don't you see that it's all in your head?

Come back home.
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