Lyrics to Dear Mother
Dear Mother Video:
Dear Mother,
There's no other way I can express
In your absence there is just this idleness
With each nightfall
There is still all this weight upon my chest
And now without you I don't know who to address
Now that I've lost my next of kin
There are no bones beneath my skin
There is no spark to find within

Dear Father,
I don't bother with these prayers anymore
They are only cold and lonely songs to sing
But I swear I'm trying
To find those tiny little sparks of light you swore
Were all hiding deep inside of everything
And I think they don't want to be found
In their cocoons so tightly wound
And who's ever seen God's glory crowned?
In heaven whose horns so sweetly sound?
I'd fall to my knees and kiss the ground
If you'd just let me know you were around
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