Lyrics to Dear Matthew
Dear Matthew Video:
JASON: pull up the blinds and open your eyes to see them all waiting for your demise living their ordinary lives nothing ever changes nothing will ever change they'll never give up their hateful ways it's sad to say they will remain the same but, the sun rises calling for a new day a day of change though i doubt this change will see the light of day and how do you possibly stomach it swallowing their hate everyday you shouldn't have to live a life with secret idenity your not clark kent they'll justify their crimes as not crimes but, acting out the acts of god striking sinners for their crimes you call this living waking up in of who you are i just sit in disgust while others hate and destroy another way of life i want to find a hole and fall away. honest if one day you found out that someone you love was really gay would it still take for someone to take them away for you to change on that day.
TOM: Dear Matthew, I apologize. But I know that doesn't matter now. I think about it all the time every time I hear the words that you died for. Dear Father, How can you condem?How can you justify? A young man beaten and left to die simply for who is. I think that happened once before, in fact that's why you are who you are. despite this day the laws won't change. despite this day your hate won't change. but from this day i've learned one thing. just how ugly this place can be.

JASON:the lyrics i wrote for this song were inspired by what happened to matthew shepard but, focus more on the hate and fear people have towards homosexuals in our society.
TOM:america is a country that prides itself on providing rights for all and perserving democracy. Ironic that it's still a country where people are murdered and denied basic human rights because of there sexual orientation. I wrote this song after matthew sheppard died as a reaction to how angry I was that I live in a world where these things occur.
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