Lyrics to Dealer
Dealer Video:
Me, I ain't no rapper
Nigga, I'm a trapper
Eva since nigga was invented
Came out that snapper
Cocaine pin my stature
Bring it back, whip Kane Ackerin
Oh Lord, so hard, just like a statchet
Magnetics, nigga, I'm stackin'
Whateva you crab, I'm matchin'
I'm soap certain bout my curse
Shit's comin' back to a mansion
At work call a nigga athen
I rap, still give a dabble
There's only curtains went over certain
I ain't dealin' with hustles
Bring that bread back to that castle
Lay it on the bed, that's what blacks do
Take a picture, me and my figures
Basket in my satchel
You rap, I'mma come back to put you relief
Put you at leave, no altitude
My attitude is absolute
Nigga like me comin' after you

This is for my drug dealers
Drug dealin', my real life drug dealers
Drug dealin', my Columbian drug dealers
Sarcoase to my Haitian drug dealers
Hovado loco to all my Mocco drug dealers
Yella to my Aerobic drug dealers
All my killas in the hood who be drug dealers
Makin' paper, reach the ceiling, my niggas
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