Yeah, uh
Uh, look, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Oh you survived? How does it feel?
Caught with no wheels, floating around on these fucking rims
But I'm moving still
Often I'm changing like Optimus Prime, optimally
Optimistic, and I'm a product of my environment
Iron man with the mother fucking metal on me, embedded on me
Anybody say that they're better than me, tell it to me
My life's a movie, I'm watchin' it all in third person
The Purge merging with I Am Legend with these cursed verses
I'm sure certain I'm Percy Jackson when I cut 'em with the pen
Spit venom then I spin 'em in a web
I know they want me dead
But I wouldn't be here right now if I ever gave a fuck 'bout what they said
New draco from Korea, the green is growing like Chia Pet
You gon' see this K pop, it ain't gon' be no BTS
VVS on my chest, got me glowing, Goku, DBS
Stop fuckin' typin' and say it with yo chest, TTS
They see my stress, but I see the best and I see the future
My life's like chess, so I think ahead, then I make maneuvers
Like Martin Luther, I had a dream, then I go pursue it
The only thing I wanna do is make my fuckin' music
I'll be damned, I'll go straight to Hell
Kill myself if I don't shoot 'til the pistol melt

Ahh, dead man's corpse, body behind a silk curtain
I hid behind an umbrella, sun got my skin hurtin'
They wanna all crucify me, it's like a witch-burnin'
I'm a fuckin' walkin' skeleton outta Tim Burton
I walked a line with the devil talkin' to big serpents
Gazing over oceans of bodies that were once servants
Singing songs at the murder [?] that were pitch perfect
While I drink out a bloody chalice that emits curses

Mhm, redemption for my soul if it hurts to
Mama, know I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm in a ghost, I'm going ghost too
And I want the most, I do the most, ooh
Tie me up to a post and then they toast booze
And then they light me on fire, I burn like [?] too
They go from laughin' to cryin', cause that's the worst news
Is that I didn't fucking die cause I was [?]